A Script for Marriage in Three Parts: Welcome, Worship, and Witness

Little children, let us love, not in word or speech, but in truth and action. 1 John 3:18 

Part 2. Marriage as Worship.

Welcome in Marriage takes work.
A marriage that is welcoming takes practice. Marriage, the blessed arrangement takes work. We’ve heard plenty of wedding warnings about how much work it is. There are plenty of how to books on the shelves. But I’m talking about work as a fundamental structure of Love AND an expression of the creativity inherent in human nature that reflects the “image of God.” Work in relationship may sometimes be challenging, but it is not drudgery and it’s not a chore; it is life giving.

With my body I Thee worship.
Here’s the thing: In the Hebrew language Work and Worship are connected, linguistically at least (Avodah). I think they are in marriage as well, as one writer defines Worship as “the expressing of reverence and adoration in service.” The Old wedding vows said it right: With this ring I thee wed, and With my body I thee worship. Because it is only with our bodies that we can serve the other in courtesy and kindness, it is only in our bodies that we can even show up, and it is with our bodies that we express grace, forgiveness, affection and delight. With our bodies we make love. As joint heirs to grace and Love, we work together to craft a life and relationship that reflects it. Reverence. Adoration. Service. Marriage work is worship. So we say, “with my body, I thee worship.”